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“I’m now ready to share our Renewed Christian Community with people like yourself who are passionate about living God’s Word and serving Him. I waited to share it until I could offer the kind of resources that will change your life and challenge you to keep moving forward with God. While the Renewed Christian Community will always be growing, I feel it’s at a place where you can enjoy it, contribute and feel at home.  

Join now and help develop a community with future growth that will be here to help believers and non-believers alike become equipped to serve God through Jesus Christ. Together we can make a stronger impact on all who visit us. Learn how to receive your blessings, become healed or share your Christian testimony.  

The benefit for all Christians is to become renewed in Christ to live the unique greatness God designed in them for Christian living and life purpose. Our community celebrates God’s Word, and welcomes every opportunity to share it as it is written, not as society dictates. We all have to answer to God, so let us always put God before the thinking of the world.” 

Margaret Lukasik,
Founder Of The Renewed Christian Commity

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Reaching Heaven

Become a Prayer Warrior!

Empowered prayer secrets.

This study delves deep into the various types of prayer, from intercessory and petition to thanksgiving and praise. It provides practical guidance and inspiration for developing a more effective prayer life, while also inspiring readers to cultivate a true spirit of humility and dependence on God.

But what sets this book apart from other prayer guides is its focus on transformation. Rather than simply teaching readers how to pray, it offers actionable strategies for overcoming obstacles in their prayer lives, such as lack of focus, doubt, and discouragement. By following the steps outlined in this book, you’ll be able to experience real, tangible results in your spiritual life.  Here are just a few of the powerful benefits you’ll gain by investing in this transformative guide:

    • A deeper, more meaningful connection with God
    • Greater spiritual strength and discernment
    • The ability to overcome the obstacles that have previously hindered your prayer life
    • A stronger sense of purpose and focus in your daily life
    • The ability to experience true joy and peace, even in the midst of life’s challenges 
    • Different forms of prayer, prayer examples and how to use them

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