Greatness By God's Design Questions and Answers

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Greatness By God's Design Questions and Answers

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Greatness By God’s Design Question and Answer Section


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Our mission is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ according to scripture.  We believe that there is one God who sacrificed His only Son, Jesus Christ, to save the world from sin.  We believe that there is a heaven and hell and that Jesus Christ is the only way to receive eternal life in heaven with God, our Heavenly Father.  We believe in the Trinity which is the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.   

In our training we do not sacrifice these truths and the truth of God’s Word to satisfy or validate changes taking place in society that oppose scripture.  God’s Word reigns supreme. 

The main focus of the program is to quickly lead Christian believers into the authority they have in Christ to live the greatness God put within them.   This is based on the verse:   


The program approaches spiritual growth through a combination of Bible study, prayer, and active obedience to God’s will. It emphasizes the importance of cultivating a personal relationship with God and seeking guidance from the Holy Spirit.

The program addresses personal development by encouraging believers to cultivate character traits such as humility, integrity, and perseverance. It also emphasizes the importance of setting and achieving personal goals in alignment with God’s will.

Practical applications of the program’s teachings in everyday life include committing to daily Bible study and prayer, seeking out opportunities to serve others, and making intentional choices that align with God’s will.

The program emphasizes the importance of community and fellowship in the Christian life. It encourages believers to seek out like-minded individuals who can provide support, encouragement, and accountability in their spiritual journey.

The program guides believers through a process of self-evaluation and reflection, helping them identify their strengths and areas of passion. It also encourages believers to seek out feedback from others and to pray for guidance from the Holy Spirit.

The program encourages believers to trust in God’s guidance and to view obstacles and challenges as opportunities for growth and learning. It also provides practical strategies for managing stress and building resilience.

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