What Is Your Pivotal Prayer Point?

What Is Your Pivotal Prayer Point

Pivotal Prayer Point Introduction

WARNING!  If you want or need a tangible, verifiable miracle, KNOW YOUR PIVOTAL PRAYER POINT! While I discuss positive confession often, the subject today is somewhat different and more specialized.  It can mean the difference between between receiving from God or being disappointed.

Let me be clear. When we don’t receive answered prayer, before blaming God, Christians need to look to themselves.  I decided years ago not to blame God for my spiritual shortcomings.  God layed out everything we need to live succcessful lives, including instructions for receiving answered prayer. If our prayers aren’t answered, we need to find out where we missed our opportunity, and begin our prayer again.

The topic of examining a pivotal prayer point and learning what yours should be is important to your spiritual life.  Without looking up it’s definition, we can infer that it is a focal point for prayer to change our situation in a specific way.  If you’re in need of answered prayer, keep reading to learn what it means to you.

What Is a Pivotal Prayer Point?

It is a piece of scripture converted into short, sharp, persistent prayers and confessions that are said over and over again.

While we would be out of faith to ask for the same thing more than onece, here you’re making the same prayer statements based upon God’s word to create an accelerated faith and closeness to God through His promises for what you ask of Him using the prayer of faith.

To be clear, a pivotal prayer point is not a prayer, but a prayer principle or tool used to achieve successful prayer results. It creates a strong profession of faith that influences the way you think, talk, and act to reflect what you’ve asked God for in prayer.

How To Define Your Pivotal Prayer Point

Create your pivotal prayer point by centering on what you need and plan to ask God for in prayer. You can have whatever the Bible says belongs to you.  So, to be clear, you need to know how to pray the prayer of faith. Then clearly define what you want. Search scripture to make sure that what you want is listed in scripture.

Next know what you want and be very specific about it because it’s important you state your request to God clearly. The following list covers only a few things a pivotal prayer point will do for you concerning what you want. They result in:

  • receiving empowerment to believe that God has answered your prayer
  • flooding your life with divine favor because they help you understand God’s love for you
  • healing your body, mind or soul, (or your loved ones).
  • restoring bad relationships (if they’re not harmful to you, of course) or they will deepen good ones.

Using Your Pivotal Prayer Point Does Not Bring Answered Prayer

Creating and speaking specific pivotal prayer points for your different needs does not cause your prayers to be answered. This is spiritual work at building faith so that the Holy Spirit can do His work within you. Pivotal prayer points set the specifics for your prayer, and help you focus on answered prayer after you’ve prayed.

Outward changes or blessings begin from within first before we see physical evidence. The more we focus on our prayer point, the faster we believe it by faith to receive. Answered prayer comes because of Christ’s work on the cross.  Our work is to release what Christ did for us into our lives by faith. Without Christ our prayer work can’t produce anything spiritual. So everything we do Biblically, we do in Christ.

If you make this a practice, miracles, breakthroughs, abundance and whatever blessings we have in the Bible will be released to us. 

Where To Focus Your Pivotal Prayer Point

Each Pivotal Prayer Point should be created from a specific desire, need for change, or healing you wish to pray about. It will give you the faith to obtain what you want with the purpose of deepening your faith to a level beyond your ability at the present time. It increases faith to receive either immediately or within hours when I have prayed for healing for myself or others.

Money, can take time to get from some place to where we are. God cannot rain money from the sky or produce counterfeit money. It must come from somewhere, so I have never received money immediately, but always when I needed it. But that’s my experience.

Pivotal Prayer Point Observations 

PIVOTAL PRAYER POINTS will take you beyond your own reasoning. They will keep you spiritually oriented for your request, rather than mentally or emotionally. The mind and emotions are not spiritual, so they keep us from reaching God for what we need.  We can only communicate with God in Spirit and in truth.

Therefore, prayer points keep us in the spiritual realm with God by keeping us out of our emotions and negative thinking.  Leaning on emotions is a sign that your faith is weak and that you’re concentrating on the opposite result of what you want because of fear, doubt or unbelief.

If you learn to listen to your thoughts concerning your prayer request, you’ll hear the truth about what you really believe and you’ll know your level of faith.  This way you can fix your problem to deepen your faith.

Your progress will be accelerated because you’ll quickly overcome any feelings of disbelief, fear, doubt, or perhaps anger that God isn’t listening to you.  I assure you that He is.  And with this prayer, you’ll become confident of that fact.

How To Create Your Pivotal Prayer Points 

Spend a little time alone with God reading through your Bible to find one verse that you can easily relate to about your desire.  If you can’t find one, then it would be helpful to pray and ask God to lead you to the best scripture for you at this time, using faith that you’ll receive it.

Make sure that you use a maximum of 3 only, and they must confirm each other. The Bible says in the mouth of 2 or 3 witnesses shall every word be established (2 Corinthians 13:1). This will help you to be specific so that you can focus on a blessing that promises what you want to increase your faith for it.

Meditate un the scripture to get familiar with it. Then break the topic of your verses down into as many faith statements as you can create.  Each one will affirm what the verses or verses you chose say that belongs to you.

Pivatol Prayer Point Examples

I’ll give you an example for finances with a verse I use.  Deuteronomy 28:8 says, “The Lord your God will bless your barns with plenty of grain and other food. He will bless everything you do. He will bless you in the land he’s giving you.”

From this verse, I made a series of short faith statements or affirmations confirming the scripture.  You can make as many as you desire, but I made six for my example. First, however, I’ll share something about it.  The verse is from a list of God’s promises for financial and business prosperity from Dueteronomy 28:1-13.

While they are from the Old Testament, they are still for us today.  They are the blessings God gave to Abraham and those who followed him.  Galatians says that we’re joint heirs with Jesus Christ.  Therefore the promises and blessings of Abraham belong to us.  Having this scriptural proof for what you pray for is a faith building step. It catapults your faith to believe that you are entitled to have your financial request when you pray.

Specific Example:

1, “Thank you Heavenly Father for providing me with the financial amount I need (your dollar amount) to increase my money and fill my bank acount with excess to become a great financial blessing for your kingdom.”

2. “Heavenly Father thank you for blessing me with excess beyond what I earn to get ahead financially. I see my money increasing, my debts paid, and my wallet full.”

3. I’m thankful for the resurrection power of Jesus Christ blessing the work of my hand and bringing forth financial growth and abundance to serve you and live without money worries.

4. O Lord, I thank you for anointing my eyes in the name of Jesus to see the hidden riches of this world that you say belong to me. Thank you for giving me the wisdom and imagination to build great financial growth through my business.

5. In the name of Jesus Christ, I thank you Heavenly Father for the prosperity you have given me for all the days of my life.

Be thankful and include praise in what you say. Your pivotal prayer points will become more powerful when you do. As a result, you’ll experience significant spiritual growth and begin to understand God from a spiritual point of view. Not from physical or worldly ideas.

Pivotal Prayer Point Conclusion:

Pivotal prayer points make what we want come alive for us. They bring us to a point of great expectation, and then a state of assurance that we have already received before we have evidence. This is what faith is.

This is a great spiritual experience that will draw you nearer to God for a deeper relationship with Him. Don’t try using this principle with your next prayer request, use it with the idea of succeeding. It’s based on Romans 12:2 which tells us that we must transform our minds to the Word of God. This means that while you are building faith for answered prayer, you’re also transforming your life in Christ.

God bless your efforts.  If they’re sincere, you will reap the benefit of your pivotal prayer point.  It’s my desire that you always receive answered prayer.

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