Christian Growth and Life Purpose Articles

Christian Growth and Life Purpose Articles

Every Christian has a purpose that God has placed in their hearts.  If you’re not living God’s plan for your life, this site is for you. You can begin with God today. I’ve written articles based on scripture that will help you understand why you’re special and why you need to look to God for a lifetime of great fulfillment.  Many blessings, Margaret

Meditate on the Word

Psalm 1-3 promises that when Christians meditate on the Word, their way will be made successful and prosperous. Read More

Christians Need Training

Without learning how to live successfully in Christ, it’s not possible to follow God through the life purpose process. Read More

Prayer Of Agreement

This prayer is a must for all Christians to pray with others when faith is weak for themselves and for others through their purpose. Read More

God’s Plan For Your Life

God has a special plan for your life. Without learning what it is and how to develop it, it may never be realized within you.  Read More


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