Learn About The Author Of Greatness By God’s Design, The Site’s Purpose And How To Develop The Greatness God Placed In You!

About The Author Of Greatness By God's Design


Thank you for visiting and welcome!  This site was created by Margaret Lukasik. It’s purpose is to enlighten and encourage new Christians and Christians new to practicing the Word to live the greatness God created in them through their life purpose.

Without knowing the greatness God has placed within every believer, it’s not possible to live it.  Margaret shares this information on this site in the form of elearning which includes courses, audio books, blog posts, and artcles.

You’ve reached Margaret’s site at a great time because she has just created a new community that offers free resources to live God’s greatness. You can leave your prayer requests with the opportunity to share with others or share only with Margaret.

Members can join free. They can get discounts or free ebooks by sharing the community with others.  Discover free weekly audio messages, Christian quizzes, puzzles, and videos to keep Christians growing in God’s Word.

Her community was created to interact with Christians without sending regular emails.  Member’s can even post messages to share their Christian testimony and experiences.

Margaret’s Personal Message For Every Christian

“Live Your Best Life By Living It God’s Way!” It is Margaret’s desire to convince Christians to live their best life in Christ. She demonstrates that it’s not the difficult lifestyle many claim according to their experiences. Instead, it’s a great life of Christian achievement that flows into every part of our lives for consistent success.  The more we live it, the easier it becomes!

Following Christ takes believers right into kingdom living which is within all Christians. Margaret created her training from this sacred place based on God’s Word to help them release God’s truth in their lives.  She has been helping Christians for almost twenty-five years.

About Margaret Specifically

Margaret has been on the Internet serving the Christian Community since 1999 as an author, counselor and mentor.  She was saved at the age 9 years.  However, she didn’t seriously get into reading the Bible until her late twenties. Her hope is to help Christians begin living the Word as soon as they receive salvation.

Before the Internet, she was an artist. However, she put her art aside to attend Cottonwood School of Ministry in Southern California. Earning her Associate Degree in Christian Studies and a Bachelor Degree in Church Ministry from the Sure Foundation Ministry in Florida, led to her pastorate license and Doctorate in Christian studies. Prayer Secrets Few Christians Learn In Church is based on the dissertation she wrote to earn her doctorate degree.

Eventually Margaret restored her art career, and now uses some of her paintings on this site to depict the life of Christ.

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