Greatness By God’s Design Overcomes All Evil

Greatness By God's Design Overcomes All Evil


In a world plagued by adversity and evil, the concept of greatness achieved through divine design emerges as a beacon of hope and accomplishment through Jesus Christ. Delving into the realm of spirituality, there is great solace in the belief that there is a higher power orchestrating events according to a grand plan.

This plan, rooted in the design of God, allows greatness to conquer evil, transforming lives and inspiring generations. In this blog post, I will explore the profound relationship between greatness, God’s design, and triumph over adversity. By referencing religious texts, teachings, and historical accounts, you’ll discover the transformative power of divine greatness and aim to inspire God’s greatness in whatever you do.

As Believers We Are Not Great In Ourselves

I want to make it clear that this site does not promote greatness in ourselves but in the blessings and empowerment by the Holy Spirit that we have in Christ.  This post expresses the greatness by God’s design in all believers through Christian transformation (Romans 12:12) for spiriutal growth and life purpose.

Psalm 99:9 Exalt the Lord our God, and worship at his holy hill; for the Lord our God is holy.

We express and live God’s greatness within us through the process of Christian mind renewal.  While believers will experience temptations, afflictions and negative situations, we can overcome all evil by living our salvation which develops God’s greatness within us.  The following information will help you understand God’s greatness in you that you can live beginning today!

Identify With Christ’s Defeat Of Satan

Identifying with Christ’s work on the cross tells us that we can identify with His victory over Satan. It’s important to identify with Christ to understand that in Him you are where He is, and you did what He did. Identifying with Christ will help you avoid looking to yourself to overcome Satan who is already defeated in your life by Jesus Christ.

There is nothing you can say or do on your own (without Christ) that will keep Satan out of your life. If you try, he won’t leave you alone. When we beg Satan to leave us alone, we let Him know that we’re not empowered in Christ because we don’t know that Christ already defeated him. We’re letting him know that Jesus Christ is not Lord of our lives and that we’re confused about our salvation. This gives him ability over us.

Satan is bound because of what Jesus did on the cross.  Only Jesus could defeat Satan and we take our victory in Christ’s victory. The more we let Satan know that we’re ignorant of Christ defeating him, the more we become his victims.

Avoid Evil

We avoid evil through Christian transformation which is allowing the Holy Spirit to bring life to Word within us through the Christian mind renewal process.  We can’t make spiritual changes in self, but only in Christ.

Christian transformation by utilizing God’s Word guides our will to be in line with having a Godly nature. By the Holy Spirit we can avoid  obsession, oppression, and possession of all evil and evil attributes.  This is how we follow Jesus. By centering on God (living the Word) we’re able to have confidence in the authority we have in Christ, and we can do this without any fear of evil. But whatever we do in Christ, we do it by our free will.  We must take action to live the Word before God can transform our hearts.

To be clear, when we bind the devil’s activities over us, we can only do this by our own ability or in self.  Jesus is the only One qualified to defeat him and He already did it. We can only overcome Satan and the evil he tries to put on us in Christ’s Name. In fact, Satan is defeated to us period!  This is part of God’s greatness we have in Christ!

Know What Christ Has Done For You

Looking to yourself to overcome Satan let’s him know that you are dealing with him on your own and that you don’t understand what Christ did.  This gives him authority over your life to deceive you into thinking that he’s in charge. If he succeeds, he can do what he wants to you!  This is how we can be assured that the greatness by God’s design within us will always shine to overcome all evil against us.

Let Satan know that you know Jesus defeated him.  You do that by recognizing Satan as powerless against Jesus and recognizing and affirming the authority you have in Jesus over him. If Satan can get you to doubt Christ’s defeat of him to make you afraid of what he might do to you, he’s got a stake in how you live your life or over the plans God has for you.

Identifying with Christ takes believers to the very throne of God in heavenly places as we sit together in Christ Jesus. Scripture confirms this. Wherever Christ is, we as believers are with Him (John 14:3). We’re on top of the works of the devil. Christ defeated Satan, and in Christ we have power over all evil. We’re elevated in Christ above all that tries to come against us.

Take Your Authority In Christ

Live your life in the authority you have in Christ. Keep putting the seeds of this truth within you until it becomes your reality. This is what I had to do many years ago to build my faith. I’m glad I did because I had many situations in my life that would have been disastrous without God’s intervention. We must tap into Christ’s authority over Satan to lean on God for protection, and trust by faith that we have it (Luke 10:19).

All believers can take Christ’s authority to overcome any negative situation. However it’s important to trust in God as a small child (Luke 18:17). The seeds of God’s protection had been planted within me as a child by my father by example, but I had to learn to have that same faith on my own without him as an adult.  I learned that God provides safety, protection, and healing, and I also learned to live that truth with the child-like trust in God I had as a child.

Greatness By God’s Design Overcomes All Evil Conclusion

When Jesus said, “It is finished,” in John 19:30, he bowed His head and gave up the ghost. We didn’t help Him then and we can do nothing now. He doesn’t need our help to do what only He could do.  Our work is to identify with what Christ Jesus did for us in His work on the cross. Because His work is finished, we have spiritual authority to be overcomers against all things evil.

So listen to God, our Heavenly Father and trust Him with the faith of a child that whatever He says, we can believe it and make it our reality. As we identify with what Christ did for us we can receive God’s kingdom blessings when we need them with confidence.

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