Know God’s Will For Your Life!

Greatness By God's
Design Series eStudy:

Live The Passion Of Your Purpose

Know God's Will For Your Life eStudy

By Margaret Lukasik

Walk through the pages of Live The Purpose Of Your Passion and into your most fulfilled life! You’ll quickly discover and develop your unique life purpose and the talents you were given to make it a reality FOR THE GLORY OF GOD!

As Christians grow in their love for God, they realize a deep longing to serve Him. This ebook study teaches everything you need to know about seeking God’s guidance and how to understand and utilize what you hear. 

Greatness By God's Design
Margaret Lukasik

Margaret Lukasik

Author of the Live The Purpose Of Your Passion eStudy.

God Has Chosen You!

Submit to God’s will and become a dynamic force for the Kingdom of God. Growing numbers of average believers are emerging throughout the world as strong forces for God by fulfilling his plans, purposes, and pursuits.  While most Christians desire to live God’s plan for their lives, many can only dream about it because they don’t know how to COMMUNICATE WITH GOD OR HEAR HIS GUIDANCE. And, they don’t know how to besure that what they hear really is from God.

    If you feel distant from your dreams, I wrote this estudy to help committed Christian like you to find your way in Christ to discover and develop your purpose. Part of being a Christian is to know God’s will for your life, but if you don’t understand the process, it won’t be easy. You don’t want to miss out on your dreams. It’s important to begin with God today!  -Margaret Lukasik

Live God's Will

Part 2 of the GREATNESS BY GOD’S DESIGN SERIES by Margaret.

For All Christians

If you're seeking God's will this book is for you, even if you're a new Christian.

Intimate Relationship

Develop an intimate relationship with God by working with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Learn Important Prayers

Go full circle and develop a strong prayer life that will benefit God, others, and your personal needs.

Know God's Will For Your Life

Hear God's Voice

Learn to receive God's guidance with Biblical wisdom to ensure that you are hearing from God.

Follow The Holy Spirit

Learn how to follow the Holy Spirit daily to ensure that what you do for God will benefit the Kingdom.

Develop Your talents

Don't let your best life slip away. If you don't use the talents God gave you, you'll lose what you have.

ENJOY YOUR LIFE By Living God's Will


Preaching God's Word

Share Your Passion

Love Your Job!

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