God's Plan For Your Life & Family

Help Children Feel Free To Discover and Develop Their Life Purpose.

The topic of life purpose is important for Christians because God has a special plan for all believers. We can begin living our purpose once we commit to living God’s plan for our lives without it making drastic changes that can be devastating. When we do, it will overflow into the lives of our children and others who know us.

Live God's Plan His Way!

God's Plan For Your Life

Whatever you’re doing currently, whether busy with a family or the CEO of a large corporation, God has a plan for you as a believer. What many Christians don’t understand is that God has a timing for His plans and purposes for our lives and for whatever He does.  The way to learn God’s plan for your life is to live God’s Word as you learn it, and learn how to work with Him and communicate with Him by the Holy Spirit. Rushing to live God’s plan is the same as cutting corners when it comes to accomplishing important tasks; failure ensues.  This is why this site teaches the importance of learning God’s Word first to live God’s Will and to prepare for life purpose.

For those afraid that living God’s plan will upset the balance of all they’ve achieved on their own, there is no need to be concerned.  God moves slowly to enhance any transition needed, while He ensures that our lives and families will not be harmed.  God’s plan may consist of a new direction in life or a means of ministry work aside from career. However, one thing is sure, God will never lead us away from the care of our families.  Life purpose includes the care and protection of a marriage and the children we’re responsible to love and care for until they’re old enough to live on their own.  See below for ide

The Bible Says...

“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6.

Proverbs 22:6 is rightly interpreted as parents teaching their children to love God's ways by being respectful of themselves and others, but part of that training includes helping children to be responsible in life for what they do and how they can best become fulfilled through living God's plan for their lives.


Many Teenagers Are Confused About Their Future

Teaching them that God has a plan for their lives brings confidence that something special is waiting for them. 


Preparing Small Children For Life Purpose

Have a Vision For Your Children

Find a way to understand each of your children’s emotional and intellectual needs.  If your children are already grown and you have a distant relationship with them, it will take more time and patience, but loving your child through Christ will lead you by the Holy Spirit to draw nearer to them.  For troubled children, investigate the problems that are keeping them distant from you, and do whatever is necessary to overcome or heal them. You may need counseling to encounter problems your child won’t discuss with you.  

   Maintain that your children are to respect you, but don’t be so harsh that you drive your children away from you.   Every person is different. We are all created for a unique purpose and helping your children develop their lives for a great purpose will give them focus and assurance that they were created by God for something special.  Always maintain that it is God which determines their purpose, not yourself.   

Bring Up Children With God's Guidance

Find a Bible-based church that has a good children’s Sunday School program  and activities.  This will be the core of their Bible teaching including home reinforcement with Bible stories, and relevant verses.  Living what you teach children is the strongest foundation you can give them because children copy what their parents act like, do and speak.  

   Keep in mind the ages of your children.  A nine year old will need a different level of Christian teaching than a 2 or 3 year old.  Sunday school is helpful because they divide their teaching into age groups and provide the appropriate training.  At home you can lead your children to develop spiritually by including God’s Word in their lives daily.  For example, if they lose an item around the house that has meaning to them like a doll or toy, pray for God to lead them to where it can be found.  Teach them God’s wisdom so that they don’t use faith for situations that go against God’s will, but only for His blessings. 

Some children are able to hear God’s plan sooner than other children, but teach them that the Bible is the best guide for living and to know God’s will and prayer.  Teach them how to pray and receive from God so that they can trust in Him and have faith for His blessings. Learning to grow in the ways of God will be the best preparation for life purpose along with your living the purpose God has given you.  

Live God's Plan For Your Life When You Have Small Children

Part of life purpose as a parent is to raise our children and protect them against harm. Christians are responsible to teach their children about living a Godly life by precept and example daily.

Moderation Is A Must To Goal Attainment.

God's Plan For Your Life

Help your children replace excessive phone, TV, or online game playing with time for God by finding church activities and Bible studies they can relate to. Bond with each child by learning about them. Encourage their talents as they can be used by God for their life purpose. 

Part Of Life Purpose Is Maintaining A Healthy Life

Teach Children the importance of eating healthy, exercising and getting enough sleep. Expose them to healthy food while teaching them why drugs are bad and how they cause addictive behaviors which can keep them from following their dreams, and their most fulfilled lives in Christ Jesus.

Share The Importance Of Strong Family Ties.

Center on God, and prioritize your life to have time for family. Spend quality time together in  ways that include activities all family members can enjoy. Take time to consider the needs of younger family members who may need special games or attention to feel included. 

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