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Renewed Christian Mentoring By Margaret Lukasik

The Created For Greatness Mentoring Program


Is Mentoring For You?

If you’re a new Christian or new to the Word you need someone to help you live your salvation and follow Christ. Receiving salvation is only the first step to living life successfully in Christ. It’s difficult alone to grow spiritually according to scripture.

However, if you already have a mentor, then continue to work with and learn from them. However, be sure that they are from a church that follows the Word of God and that they follow Christ by living the Word.  I followed various Christian leaders who helped me to grow into the different stages of my Christian growth. They helped me understand things about the Bible I may not have learned on my own.   

Don't Let Go Of Your Problems and Look To God!

What Is Renewed Christian Mentoring?

This is a service based upon “Margaret’s You Were Created Greatness Program.”

Based Upon "Created For Greatness By God's Design"

If you’ve read Margaret’s book, Created For Greatness!, then you’re already familiar with the way she teaches and what her mentorship program covers to help Christians heal from whatever internal problems are keeping them from living God’s Word to the fullest. Without learning how to lean on God (yes we need to learn how to do this!) it’s not possible to have consistent success in our daily lives or to discover our true purpose in life.  Achieving success in Christ brings peace to our success and helps us to use our mistakes for to make a greater future. The program is based 100% on scripture.

Join Forces With Me To Grow In Christ and Discover and Develop Your Life Purpose At The Same Time!

“Hi. I invite you to partner with me to overcome the problems keeping you from growing in Christ to achieve the spiritual and physical goals you desire to attain, or to learn what God has called you to accomplish if you need this Biblical knowledge.

Many Christians don’t realize that they have problems which are preventing them from following Christ. This was me for some time  However, once I learned how to live God’s Word, I was able to overcome deep rooted problems. It took years to realize the changes I needed to find my way to live God’s will and purpose for my life, which is why I want to help others realize Christian success much sooner than I did. 

Be Set Free Of The Problems Keeping You From Your Best Life:  The reason many Christians are unable to make the changes they need or desire is because of hidden or deep rooted problems caused by family cultures, dysfunctions, environments or abuse.  The You Were Created For Greatness Mentoring Program illuminates whatever problems are keeping Christians from realizing their full potential in life and in Christ.”  -Margaret Lukasik   

Interact With Me....

The Basics Of What You'll Quickly Learn:

While your specific problem or need will be addressed, you’ll quickly learn the Biblical skills you need to overcome in victory. The following is a small list of what you’ll learn.

  • Hear God’s voice for guidance to live your best Christian life and life purpose…
  • Achieve the intimate and effective prayer life you need…
  • Develop mountain moving faith to boldly follow Christ…
  • Connect with God today for a deeper and lasting relationship with Him…
  • Power walk with the Holy Spirit for rapid spiritual growth…
  • Overcome past failure, brokenness, or trauma to heal with a strong focus on God…
  • Transform your fears into the confidence you need to succeed…
  • Overcome limiting thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors and much more…

How My Christian Mentoring Works...

It's a simple process like no other.

“Contact me by email or join. I’ll call you if you’re in the U.S. to learn why you need mentoring. Together we’ll see if working together is right for you. If you decide to continue, you can join and then set up a date to begin and schedule future dates. 

A session in my mentoring program consists of 90 days or 3 months. My accelerated program will assure you great growth and ability in Christ to obtain the goals you need to accomplish. 

Mentoring Is Designed  For Quick Results If You’re Ready To Receive What You Need!  One 90 Day Session can set you on track to move forward on your own, however, you can always obtain more sessions if you need them or you wish to begin another goal.  


Contact Margaret by eMail or IM.

Set up a free appointment. 

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Join Our Community

Choose to become a part of the program. 

Email or IM

Contact Margaret to set up your first appointment. She’s excited to work with you to live your best life in Christ to heal from inner wounds, addictive issues, physical healing or any thing keeping your from  moving forward in Christ for successful living and or life purpose. 

Set appointments that work for your schedule.

The Benefits Of Renewed Christian Mentoring

Three Major Benefits:

The Biblical Seed Principle: Enjoy quick results to attain your spiritual, mental and professional goals!

Realize Great Inner Growth: Learn how to follow Jesus and take your authority in Him to accomplish God’s will and to overcome deep-rooted problems.

The Key of David: Take your Kingdom blessings to do the work that Christ did for living God’s Word and your life purpose.

What Is Included?

A three-month session with scheduled communication based on your schedule.   Reschedule as needed or end mentoring.

Receive a free membership site created just for you. It includes the course, study and personalized resources to  enhance mentoring. Using your resources will help you better take advantage of your mentoring with Margaret.

You’ll receive one-on-one mentoring with Margaret Lukasik . Arrange mentoring for your 3-month session when you need it or organize it as a teaching sessions. Emergency calls allowed. 

special Communication

You're Not Alone!

Receive encouragement through specific videos of Margaret speaking to you about your situation for daily reinforcement or call for on-the-spot help if you need it. This special option is included with each 90 day session purchased.   

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Renewed Christian Mentoring Created For Greatness

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