The Christian Renewal Meditation Audiobook of I Ams

Created For Greatness By God's Design Audiobook
Greatness By God's Design

Affirm The Word Daily!


Have you ever wished that you had someone read important scripture to you so that you can grow in faith for spiritual growth, healing, or good health? This convenient audio book is like having someone available to help you grow in Christ to affirm the Word daily.

Download your copy and begin growing your faith! Listen to this short I AMs Christian Renewal Audiobook of God’s blessings to help you take possession of what you need today! Listen often to these powerful statements of faith with music background!  Narrated by Margaret Lukasik.



Cement Within Your Heart The Truth About Who You Are In Christ and What You Have Because Of His Sacrifice.

Listen to the introduction of the audio to learn how it will help you continually increase your profession of faith. This is what all Christians must do to grow in the things of God and to be guided into God’s will.  48 minutes, $2.98.

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Learn To Follow Jesus and Live The Abundant Life He Promised in John 10:10 Over All Areas Of Life.

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