Living a Life Of Purpose As An Author

If your life purpose is writing, you’ll find helpful author writing promotion tips and e-learning here.

By Margaret Lukasik
How to Take a Captivating Author Selfie

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No matter what your life purpose, writing can always be a part of it. This is why I created this section. The expertise and experience you share can have an immeasurable effect on readers looking for what you write about. If you’re new to writing, I wanted to share my experience. 

I’ve been selling my books since 1997. First as an artist and later in Christian growth for life purpose.  So Let check back for more articles or check out my reading materials.  

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Your Ultimate Internet Book Selling Machine


Margaret has been helping Christians get the attention their books need to reach others and spread the gospel through their testimonies, stories and self-help Christian information.  Writing is one of the best ways to challenge, inspire and teach God’s Word to a dying world. 

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Margaret Lukasik

By Christian Author Margaret Lukasik

Since 2010 Margaret has been helping Christians sell their Christian information from their experiences, stories they've written for information, their testimonies and much more.

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Easily plan your book information or story with the writing and planning journal and planner.  An important, but neglected part of writing is to create promotion information at the same time.  There is no better time then at the very beginning. You’ll be guided into writing and promoting at the same time to keep your marketing efforts to successfully reach the most relative audience for your work.  Best of all, you can type into the journal online.  No printing necessary. 

The Interactive Writer's Journal

What People are Saying About The Information In Margaret's Book,

“I wanted to tell you that your book was worth waiting for. What I especially like is that you simply get on stage, deliver your good information, then get off stage!”


Robert Stephson


“When I do a Google search for the title of our book, one of her pages comes up first, even before Amazon and my own website!”


Gary Milner

Pastor and Author

“As a Christian author it is often difficult to promote my efforts, but a great place to start is with Margaret. She knows the marketplace and has an established reputation.”​


Dr. Edward Mrkvicka

Renowned Author and Christian Counselor

Doing Business God's Way

By Doing Business God’s Way Your Experience, Education or Training Become Explosive For Business and Career Success when mixed with God’s knowledge, Wisdom and Inner Guidance. 

Whether you are in business for yourself or you are employed, this study will guide you into the understanding that God is your partner and provider. He will bless you abundantly as you trust Him in all His ways, even in the ways you do business. This is a great foundation for persons just starting a new business or career.

Christian Business Success Guidance

  • Learn God’s Business Strategy
  • Follow The Christian Business Perspective  
  • Make Godly Business Decisions To Glorify God In The Workplace and For Success
  • Receive Holy Spirit Guidance
  • Pray The Right Way For Business Success
  • Live God’s Success Plan
  • Receive Your Kingdom Blessings For Personal and Business Success
Doing Business God's Way



Christian Money Growth Best Seller Package + Free Bonuses

Christian Money Growth

“This exciting home study for financial growth or debt relief God’s way is the most popular of the studies.  It’s been helping Christians all over the world take control of their money and grow closer to God at the same time! Now it’s your turn. Let God help you not only increase your money, but achieve successful Christian living at the same time!” – Margaret Lukasik


The study information reflects my personal experiences trusting God for financial growth since 1981 as well as my experience mentoring Christians.

Many Christians don’t realize that God will help them increase their money or get out of debt because they’ve prayer for help and didn’t receive what they needed.  The problem is that there are prayer principles and specific actions given in scripture that are neccessary to release God’s blessings. This is why my Christian Money Growth Package Package has been successful. It teaches what Christians need to take control over their money.  

This special package will help you:

  • Learn to avoid the mistakes that Christians make when they pray for money
  • Learn why you’re worthy to expand your financial growth to become a blessing and be blessed
  • Go beyond false prosperity messages to learn the truth about money growth God’s way
  • Discover why your giving isn’t changing your financial situation, but instead making it worse
  • Learn stewardship for greater increase