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Ultimate Spiritual Growth For Life Purpose

God has a great plan for you, but first, you need to  connect with God. It’s easier to do than most Christians think. This site will help you commit to God’s will, and follow the path to your purpose by allowing the Holy Spirit to transform your life through  Christian mind renewal based on Romans 12:2. See below for each step to begin.  Visit our blog for insightful articles.

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Become The Unique and Special Person God Created You To Be!

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Find Your place in the kingdom of god by living his plan for your life

Live The Greatness By God's Design Within You

Christian Transformation Is The Only Path To Successful Life Purpose.
And It Must Be Taught The Correct Way Through Scripture.

A purposeful Christian life comes by utilizing the transformative power of God’s Word.  This is why we invite you to stay awhile and learn about the exciting life changes that will spark the greatness God created within every Christian. We are remarkably created to be Unique and special. So, commit to learning how to easily accelerate your growth in Christ to live the greatness God created in you. – Margaret


The Godly Life Purpose Structure

Visit each link below in numberical order to learn more about living God's plan.

Begin Here

1. Commit To God's Will and Plan

Commit to God’s will (the Bible) and His plan for your life to begin the path to connecting with God for your purpose. 

Relax and Be At Peace

2. Identify Your Unique Gifts and Talents

God has equipped you with the gifts and talents you need to work His plan. You may already be using them or you may need to learn what they are and develop them. Take this time to learn each.

3. Discover and Fulfill Your Destiny

With the knowledge and working experience of transformation, you’re ready to learn and fulfill your purpose. 

4. Expand Your Prayer Skills

Connect with God to learn your calling and pray effectively for your life, others and for service to God. Learn all forms of prayer. 

3. Work With The Holy Spirit

Living your Godly life purpose can only be accomplished by working with the Holy Spirit’s guidance. Get to Know Him. 

Learn about the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit, their functions and their importance to your life and life purpose. 

Our focus

Our Focus Is On Your Purpose

Effective Christian Engagement
25 Years Experience

For almost 25 years, Margaret has served the Online Christian community. Her approach is to empower believers to tap into God's Word daily to overcome challenges and live a life that honors God through their purpose. Her focus is on your life purpose discovery.

Follow Jesus To Find Your Life
Life Altering Blog Posts

Margaret's blog posts and articles are written to help Christians understand how to use specific Biblical principles with everyday life and problems to grow in God's plan. They are not written to be politcal or controversial, but to keep Christians centered on God's truth.

Greatness Community
Life Purpose Community

You can join our community to communicate with Margaret. Keep up with her weekly messages that highlight a specific Christian topic to make them a part of your character for greater success in Christ.

Margaret shares many of her video and audio meditations that she uses within the "Created For Greatness eCourse and Holy Spirit Lab" for Christian renewal to make her studies come alive. They are scriptural according to Psalm 1-3 to build faith for Christian transformation.


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Margaret Lukasik

Site Author

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